Not my child.

Life is purely circumstance, you can not choose where you are born, but you have a choice where you end up. Your life is filled with the choices YOU make. Not your friend, not your parents but YOU! 

We are raising a society of Assholes that believe they are privileged and deserve to be treated like royalty, and guess who made them that way? We the parents, life is hard and it sucks sometimes and you have the right to say no to them.

Sure they will hate you for a while but its better than raising an Asshole. So what happens when you raise an Asshole they bully and belittle and make other people feel like 💩.

They have no respect for authority and other people. In their minds they are gods and above all others. Please wake up if you are the parent of an asshole.

It is your responsibility to help them become a well adjusted human being not someone with a god complex!

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