Een van my eerste stukke, maar nou dat ek 40 betree het, vind ek dit al hoe meer akkuraat. Geniet dit.


When I was sixteen I wrote a poem about ageing, everyone was amazed at the way I just understood the concept even though I was so young. I just understood the process, I still think I have an old soul and have been around the block a few times.
Now that I am at the age I am really ageing, it has so much more meaning. I start to see the lines on my forehead and know that it is simply inevitable. I often tell my husband that I live only for him and my kids. Because life for me sometimes is truly unbearable. But my husband says I have FOMO (fear of missing out) so for that I want to be with them every moment of their lives.

Just finished watching the series 13 Reasons Why, and it stirred up old emotions for me. I have contemplated dying a…

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