Two wrongs don’t make a right

There is stress and tension in the air, it was such a wonderful build up with all the good the movements did, people standing together in unity fighting a common enemy. Then in a flash everything changed, our good deeds and love was discarded and fed to the dogs. By something we had no control over, we did not make or have any say in the ad about the hair, it was all fun and laughs and silly jokes until you started to sing and shout kill the boer again. Why are we to blame? Why do you always have to threaten our lives and that of our children. We are already living on the tip of the knife, we can not apologize anymore for the past mistakes, because we did not even make the choices. We were only born into the sins of our forefathers, I did not inherit a farm or mine or any such luxury, my people were very poor and fled europe in hope to find themselves a better life where their kids don’t starve from hunger.

We were called dirty and treated like the scum of the earth, trampled on, raped and starved in Concentration Camps in the Boer war. We lost our homes our lives our husbands and our children just because we stood up for something we believed in. But yet no one ever bats an eye about our history. (please go read up about the concentration camps and the boer war) it was no picnic. We did not just arrive in Africa and have a blast and just got everything for free that we wanted, we died, cried and tried to survive till this day, and still we are being blamed for other people’s choices. Africa doesn’t want us, Europe doesn’t want us, we are the outcasts that belong nowhere. I fear for my children and my family every single day, we are living under the breadline because being us is no longer acceptable, but i ask you what are we supposed to do? We fought so hard to free our country, but still it is not seen as ours, we are giving and giving and it just never seems enough. You can not milk a cow that has no more milk to give. I see it all around me, we have given up. We are tired, we are fed up and we have nowhere to turn. So please tell us, what are we supposed to do?

Boer War: Haunting Photos Of History's First Concentration Camps
Concentration camps |
Image result for british concentration camps boer war

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