Coffee and the rest is history

What is it about coffee? In days gone by it was known as the drink of the gods. Well its definitely my god. I love everything about it. I try to drink less of it, but why mess with something that works. I fell in love with my husband over a cup of coffee.  Its like chocolate. I just cant seem to get enough of it and him.

We recently bought our first home as a family. Its beautiful and I fell in love with it from the moment I set my foot in the door. Its nearly an Antique, built in the 1920’s with original wood floors and stain glass windows. It was built as the pastors house in 1920, sometimes I wish walls could talk, just to know the history. I have a very old soul, history was always very fascinating to me. I think that is why I was so drawn to the house. The mystery, the secrets the smell. It makes me think of a time I know but cant recall.  I have a passion for old houses, villas and castles. My dream is to own a old run down villa in France. With plants growing on the walls, and secret gardens. Maybe i read to many romantic novels as a Teen. I always imagine I was royalty in my past life.

Just after we moved in my son told me our house looks like a castle and it made my day, it was wonderful to know that they also saw what I did. Every princess needs a castle and that is the way I feel in my house. Although this princess has to scrub the toilets herself, its still my castle.

So we battle and we struggle to pay our very expensive castle every month. But we do so timely. Because of some very unfortunate circumstances we have had a rough start to our marriage financially after my husbands company folded. We sank and we swam and we kept our heads above water for 10 years. So it truly is a miracle that we got a home-loan  in the first place. I send a special thanks to the universe every time I walk down my hall.

The thing with money is there is just never enough of it. No amount of planning, can save you from spending all you have. I budged, I cry, I beg. There is just never enough. But is fine, we are fine, we have more than so many others. So I am thankful. I have a castle.

Time to go do some baking for bake sale tomorrow, thank the gods for coffee! Till we chat again.






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